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Studies show that poor internal communication has a tremendous impact on the workforce. Stress and low morale for employees and missed performance objectives are just some of the negative consequences. 

But there are so many tools for internal communication. Email, Slack, Teams, and face-to-face conversations just to name a few. So why can communicating effectively within groups be so tricky? Why are so many people caught off guard or uninformed about important happenings within the group?

At GroupNews, we believe the answer lies in an overreliance on unstructured communication tools and a lack of easy-to-use tools for structured communication.

But what do these terms mean?

Unstructured vs. Structured Communication

Unstructured communication tools are those that can be used freely by most community members, contain content that is generally unedited, and do not occur at a set time. The classic example of an unstructured communication tool is email. However, despite being called "not very effective" by most respondents in a recent survey, email is the most commonly used method of workplace communication.

Structured communication tools can have multiple authors and predetermined topics, be controlled for accuracy and appropriate content, and maintain a regular publishing schedule. Examples include newsletters, websites, and intranets.

Ease of Use

At GroupNews, we believe that the over-reliance on unstructured communication tools centers on their ease of use. Let's face it; it's much easier to type out an email than to publish internal newsletters for your group. 

Until now.

Introducing GroupNews: the automatic newsletter platform that makes writing a newsletter as easy as sending an email.

GroupNews is the very first collaborative, automatic news-publishing platform. GroupNews allows you to set up and publish as many internal newsletters as you need. Once you set up your newsletters, multiple users can contribute content without manual outreach; GroupNews automatically emails reminders for content to the different "authors" within your group. 

Contributing content is as easy as writing an email: 

Once all content is submitted, the system publishes your newsletters automatically on your chosen schedule. 

Unlike other newsletter systems, your newsletters are not simply emails destined for the bottom of your employees' inboxes under a pile of other messages. Instead, the newsletters are collected and posted to your GroupNews website, with stories grouped under categories of your choice. In addition: 

  • The newsletters are searchable and archived. 
  • You can link to them from other applications. 
  • There are discussion boards for each story.  

Perhaps best of all, your GroupNews web page, updated every time a newsletter is published, acts as a virtual gathering place where all your group members can come together and learn all the critical news and updates from every area of the group.

The Best Internal Communications Strategy

We believe an effective internal communications strategy combines structured and unstructured communication tools. The benefits of consistent and clear internal communications are plentiful:

  • Boosts employee engagement 
  • Builds trust for leadership from employees
  • Increases transparency
  • Improves the employee experience
  • It opens doors to new levels of collaboration.

You can start reaping these benefits today by adding a reliable, easy-to-use internal communication tool like GroupNews.

Are you ready to improve internal communications in your organization? 

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