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Edition 004 · January 10, 2023

We've recently beefed up GroupNews stories with a wildly improved discussion section that your entire group can take part in. Got questions about the news you just read, or want to follow up and add some more context? No need to jump over to Slack, Teams, or Email. Kick off a

Edition 003 · December 12, 2022

Edition 002 · November 17, 2022

Studies show that poor internal communication has a tremendous impact on the workforce. Stress and low morale for employees and missed performance objectives are just some of the negative consequences.  But there are so many tools for internal communication. Email, Slack,

Edition 001 · November 10, 2022

It started as a back-of-the-napkin idea that my brother Christian and I were bandying about not too long after the world went into COVID lockdown. Remote work was a new reality for a whole lot of people. Everyone was finding their footing in the uncertainty. Many people were

I have worked in university administration for my entire career. Departments in higher education tend to work in silos, with staff concerned mainly with their own responsibilities and projects. As a result, a common complaint among workers in the industry is that "nobody knows