GroupNews: How it Works

Last updated November 27, 2022 One Edition

What are Newsletters?

GroupNews: How it Works

Newsletters are the central source of news within each GroupNews account. A newsletter in GroupNews is a centralized source of relevant and valuable information for your group. Your group can have one newsletter, or it can have many. Editions An Edition is a particular

Publishing Schedule & Visibility

GroupNews: How it Works

GroupNews newsletters are automatically published on a regular schedule as Editions. As long as you have at least one story submitted to an upcoming edition, it will be published according to the schedule you set. Newsletters can be published daily, weekly, monthly, or

Inviting Group Members

GroupNews: How it Works

Your GroupNews Group works best when people on your team are members of the Group. You can invite people to any Group you manage using their email address. If your group is subscribed to a Premium plan, you can also create invitations automatically by setting up one or more

Assigning Authors

Only admins can assign authors

GroupNews: How it Works

When creating a newsletter, part of the setup process will be assigning authors. An author is any member of the group who has permission to write content for that newsletter. To assign an author, simply check the “Can Author” box next to that person’s name when setting up the

Newsletter Stories

GroupNews: How it Works

Stories are at the heart of GroupNews. Stories are the content that is published in the newsletters. Users assigned as Authors can submit stories. Stories can be anything: announcements, updates, events, important links - the list is as endless as your imagination.

What is a Group?

GroupNews: How it Works

A Group in GroupNews is made up of one or more people who want to keep each other informed. Your group can be your company, your team, an organization you belong to, your family, or any group of people you’re a part of.

Switching Between Groups

GroupNews: How it Works

You may be a member of more than one Group. In that case, you have the ability to switch between your groups at any time. All of your groups appear as icons on the left side of your screen. Simply click on your desired group’s icon to make that group active: [It's easy to switch